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2023 Meet the Winemaker Weekend

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This event has passed. We look forward to seeing you next year!

RVVA Presents the 5th Annual

Meet the Winemaker Weekend!

Get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the winemaking process at 12 Ramona Wineries held April 22 & 23! Details & tickets below!

  • When: April 22 & 23
  • Where: 12 Participating Wineries (details below)
  • What: Winemaking seminars & tastings followed by a Winemaker Q&A Panel


  • $25 for 1 day
  • $40 for 2 days
  • $30 add-on for dinner and Q&A panel
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Participating Wineries & Seminar Schedule

12:00 PM
Correcaminos, Sue Robinson
All About Oak
12:00 PM
Vineyard Grant James, Susanne Sapier
Wine Chemistry & Avoiding Wine Faults
1:30 PM
Old Julian Winery, Lee Montgomery
Basic Wine & Brandy Making
1:30 PM
Ramona Ranch Winery, Micole Moore
Sustainability & Your Senses - An interactive & fun wine pairing experience!
3:00 PM
Crystall Hill Winery, Scott Warner
Natural & Organic Winemaking
4:30 PM
Hatfield Creek, Elaine Lyttleton
Critter Control
6:00 PM
ADD ON: Mingle With the Winemakers
Dinner and Winemaker Q&A Panel hosted at Ramona Ranch Winery - Dinner Sales CLOSED
12:00 PM
Rancho San Martin, Gary Boney
The Health of the Vineyard - it all starts in the vineyard!
12:00 PM
Sunrise Vineyard, Larry Graham
Vine-to-Bottle (And all the steps in between!)
1:30 PM
Scaredy Cat Ranch, Joe Cullen
A Walk Through the Making of the 2020 Vintage
1:30 PM
Principe di Tricase, Alfredo Gallone
Natural Winemaking
3:00 PM
Castelli Vineyard, Nelson Pizarro
Running a Boutique Winery
4:30 PM
Woof N' Rose, Steve Kahle
Malolactic Fermentation