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17029 Handlebar Rd, Ramona, CA, United States

We are closed until our new releases come out – October 24, 2020!

251 Steffy Road, Ramona, CA, United States

With more than 20 different premium white, rose, red, blended and dessert wines, Lenora Winery has the wine for you. Form Sauvignon blanc to Cabernet Sauvignon, our handcrafted wines have been acknowledged with many awards. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented us from continuing our tradition of having our winemaker serve you our wines in our wine tasting room, we still are getting our delicious wines out with FREE UPS delivery. Please call us for the details. We have some terrific price specials, too! We want to make sure you have the best wines. Rest assured, Lenora Winery will be waiting to serve you after the pandemic is over. You won’t want to miss the gorgeous views from our porch overlooking the Santa Maria Valley and San Diego County which everyone who visits compliments us on.

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25260 Old Julian Hwy, Ramona, CA, United States

Hours: Thursday to Sunday, Noon to Sunset

Beautifully hand crafted wines in a peaceful country setting. Named Travel & Leisure’s #2 Vineyard in the United States. At Vineyard Grant James, we strive to express the purest form of wine. When you drink a Vineyard Grant James wine, we want you to feel the sense of place and hard work that went into making that bottle the best. We use all of our estate grapes, as well as source grapes from other local vineyards in Ramona Valley. We want to keep Ramona wine pure and focus on the boutique quality that stays true to the region. Come taste the beauty of Vineyard Grant James wine on our stone veranda overlooking our Sangiovese vineyard and the hills of the Ramona Valley. You will be welcomed with pure hospitality and have the opportunity to experience luxury wine in a perfect relaxed countryside setting. We hope that you come to visit us in Ramona, California for the chance to enjoy our wine and share in the simple pleasures of good wine and good people. While you’re here be sure to try our popular and award winning wines, including: Viognier, Rose of Syrah, Sangiovese, Zinfandel, Nebbiolo, Merlot, Syrah and Petite Sirah.

17073 Garjan Lane, Ramona, CA, United States
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15454 Highlands Crest Way, Escondido, CA, USA

Our goal is to produce full-bodied, vineyard-driven wines that are true to their varietal character.  Although the current industry trend is to move toward lighter, “easy-drinking” wines, there is still a place in our hearts for big, full-bodied red wines! This is a goal,  but not always the end result. Tradition and dogma are important, but so are innovation, creativity, and variety. We are still waiting to see what the “previously-avocado-grove” terroir produces in the long run, but the aim to produce enjoyable and hopefully complex wines from great grapes grown with TLC.

Rules? Who needs rules? Weather and other factors are usually beyond our  control, so we work with what he have! It’s definitely a work in progress and we hope you get a chance to share in the “fruits” of our labors. Cheers!

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