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1625 Highway 78, Ramona, CA, United States

The indoor tasting room, heated in winter and cooled in summer, is loaded with antiques (including the family Civil War Drum, featured on Antiques Roadshow) & comfortable seating areas.  A giant dining table can be reserved for you and your wine touring friends.  A collection of Pacific Northwest First Nation’s art is featured in the tasting room.  A Carriage House with Model A and Teardrop Trailer, aeronautic memorabilia and other antiques and stories by Norm are an attraction.  A courtyard with a graceful pepper tree and fountain are other areas to enjoy.

Wine maker Elaine makes a big, bold, dry, red wine you can stand your spoon up in, which is what she likes, and so do many of their visitors.  Fonzi Field Blend is their signature blend of Petite Sirah and Zinfandel.  Wine Club is free to join, and shipping outside San Diego is also free for Club Members.

The vineyard is the site of an ancient native village with metates, arrowheads and other artifacts.  There’s a memorial to 2 Navy pilots killed on the property in 1961, and a mediation labyrinth.  The tasting room has a self-guided tour book, as well as a folder “The Birds of Hatfield Creek”.

Ask to subscribe to the Hatfield Herald to learn more about the Second Sunday Suppers, monthly Trivia Contest, Art Classes, Wine Club benefits, and other activities.  Also ask about their Adopt-a-Vine Program, a perfect gift along with a bottle of fine wine for your oenophile friends.  Wine Club members are welcome to book their special occasion celebrations at Hatfield Creek Winery.  Call Elaine at 760-787-1102 to get planning yours.

Norm and Elaine are proud to say every wine they’ve ever entered into a competition has won a medal, have been nominated for Best Winery in San Diego County and  they are winners of the San Diego County Trail Blazer’s Award.   Their logo won Editor’s Choice Award from Winemaker Magazine.

603 Main Street, Ramona, CA, United States

We are open 7 days a week!

Mon-Thur 2-6pm
Fri, Sat 2-8pm
Sun 12-5pm

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15454 Highlands Crest Way, Escondido, CA, USA

Our goal is to produce full-bodied, vineyard-driven wines that are true to their varietal character.  Although the current industry trend is to move toward lighter, “easy-drinking” wines, there is still a place in our hearts for big, full-bodied red wines! This is a goal,  but not always the end result. Tradition and dogma are important, but so are innovation, creativity, and variety. We are still waiting to see what the “previously-avocado-grove” terroir produces in the long run, but the aim to produce enjoyable and hopefully complex wines from great grapes grown with TLC.

Rules? Who needs rules? Weather and other factors are usually beyond our  control, so we work with what he have! It’s definitely a work in progress and we hope you get a chance to share in the “fruits” of our labors. Cheers!

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