Tasting Tours

The Ramona Valley Wine Region lends itself well to wine tasting tours, as many of our wineries are located within just a mile or two of one another. Whether you are planning a wine tasting weekend for your trip to San Diego, or want to “come up the hill” on a Sunday afternoon, we have a perfect solution for you.

Suggested Tour Routes by Location

Wineries in Ramona are clustered into 3 categories: East End, West End, and Highland Valley. Within each of those groups there are smaller clusters of wineries that can easily be visited within a day, while still having plenty of time to sit back & relax at each tasting room. Take a look below through some of our suggested routes to help you plan your visit.

West Ramona

Southwest Ramona

Central Ramona

Highland Valley

Highway 78

Old Julian Highway


North County SD

Wine Tour Operators

Two local tour operators, and RVVA members, are very familiar with the region and sure to provide you with a memorable experience at our Ramona wineries.

Wright Trammel Transportation

603 Main St, Ste B, Ramona, CA

Wright Trammel Transportation is dedicated to serving our customers through professional transportation services that fill the gap between personal and public transportation. Wright Trammel Transportation will provide transportation of the highest quality and value with direct focus on meeting the needs of our customers and will respond to customers with promptness, sensitivity and always with integrity. At Wright Trammel Transportation, we strive to exceed your expectations.

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Let’s Go Vino

 13350 Pacific Pl Unit 2309, San Diego CA 92130

Discover. Sip. Taste.

We offer private wine tours in Ramona Valley, Highland Valley, and Temecula Valley. Tours include wine tastings, winery or vineyard tours, farm tours, wine pairings, barrel tastings, gourmet lunches, farm-to-table dinners, transportation, and other unique wine experiences. Tours are customized especially for you and your group.

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