Thinking About Opening a Vineyard?

Thinking about planting a vineyard or starting a vineyard / winery business?

The RVVA started in 2002 when there was one commercial winery and a few amateur vineyards and winemakers in Ramona. We have grown to nearly 40 wineries and hundreds of vineyards since then. Most problems we have seen and confronted, many we have solved.

The RVVA is dedicated and eager to sharing our experience with the many steps of the process. It is hard, and we will certainly show you the risks involved. But if you hold onto the dream, we can help. Members of the RVVA are constantly involved in email conversations about timely issues, with many questions asked and answered by folks who have lived and learned each solution the hard way. Each month we share goals for that month in the vineyard and archives of those plans are stored in the members section of this website. Past presentations from monthly meetings are also archived on this website. To ask about joining the RVVA, visit our membership page here, or contact