13350 Pacific Pl Unit 2309, San Diego CA 92130
13350 Pacific Pl San Diego California 92130 US

We offer private wine tours in Ramona Valley, Highland Valley, and Temecula Valley. Tours include wine tastings, winery or vineyard tours, farm tours, wine pairings, barrel tastings, gourmet lunches, farm-to-table dinners, transportation, and other unique wine experiences. Tours are customized especially for you and your group.

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15732 Highland Valley Rd, Escondido, CA 92025, USA 21.76 km
16048 Saddle Summit Road Ramona, CA 92065 22.71 km
411 14th St, Ramona, CA 92065, USA 30.37 km

Take The Ride Of Your Life In A Limo Hearse

We are Melissa & Tony, owners of Arrive Alive Rides. We are a Limo Hearse service, serving Ramona & SDCE areas.
We purchased this vehicle because it was love at first site. My son, Van said “Mom, you should start making money with that thing.” Right then, Arrive Alive Rides came to life.
With neon blue lights and boomin’ tunes, it’s totally worth it!”, says my 7 year old friend, Cody.
Novelty gig, concert, ballgame, bar hop, distillery,  wine tour, wedding shuttle, dance, dinner out, Airport, designated driver? We got you covered in unusually cool fashion!
We are really excited to share this unique traveling experience with you!

Remember Don’t Drink and Drive Arrive Alive


Available 24hrs

1347 Main Street, Ramona, CA, USA 30.41 km


865 Main Street, Ramona, CA, USA 31.3 km


628 Main St, Ramona, CA 92065, USA 31.7 km
626 Main Street, Ramona, CA, USA 31.71 km


1936 Pamo Rd, Ramona, CA, USA 33.1 km
24157 San Vicente Road, Ramona, CA 92065, USA 35.93 km
24157 San Vicente Road, Ramona, CA, USA 35.93 km


24157 San Vicente Road, Ramona, CA, USA 35.93 km


25385 Pappas Road, Ramona, CA, USA 38.35 km


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18892 Old Julian Trail, Ramona, CA 92065 38.6 km

Surprise Farm Retreat Center is a charming place in the backcountry near vineyards in Ramona, California. SFRC offers the opportunity to explore small scale farming and an outdoor setting. In a place rich with heritage, we ask people to become aware of the past and ground themselves in the present. Who are we today, our feet grounded in soil, sensing the land, organically growing our lives…. We offer workshops and glamping tents for relaxing times in nature.

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