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2041 Riviera Drive Vista California 92084 US

ADA Compliance Team, Inc. is a team of professionals who know, understand, & specialize in Federal laws & California State Building regulations as they pertain to compliance established by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Don’t let an ADA “drive-by” lawsuit affect your business.
ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ACT] has worked with countless business owners and their lawyers regarding Americans with Disability Act (ADA) lawsuits. We work with you and your attorney to determine what the claim is and how to get your property cleared of all accessibility problems. The best thing you can do is stay informed and proactive. We will come up with a plan that fits your budget to make your property ADA compliant, on your timetable.

ADA Compliance Info
Confused about where to begin? Our team of experts can help you find answers to all your ADA compliance questions. Get a physical site inspection of your property by ADA experts to tell you where you stand today. ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ ACT ] reviews the findings of the ADA Inspection Report to map out a solution. ADA Compliance Team, Inc. [ ACT ] has a team of vetted, qualified contractors available to upgrade your property to ADA compliance.

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