The time has come for the annual Lum Eisenman/San Diego County Wine Competition, sponsored by the RVVA!

Each year, awards are chosen from entries of red, white, and rosé wines made from grapes grown in San Diego County. The Lum Eisenman/San Diego County Wine Competition was created to give individual winemakers constructive feedback on their techniques and results and to improve winemaking throughout the Ramona Valley.

The competition’s namesake, Lum Eisenman, was born and raised in Riverside, CA and migrated to Del Mar in 1971 with his wife. A physicist by profession, he was also an amateur winemaker from youth. Lum Eisenman became a mentor for San Diego vineyard owners, and the founder of the San Diego Amateur Winemaking Society. He has written dozens of articles and The Home Winemakers Manual is considered an authority by many throughout the United States.

Don’t miss out on this year’s event!

Enter the Competition & Attend the Banquet

As an amateur or commercial winemaker, you can enter your wines to be judged in the Lum Eisenman/San Diego County Wine Competition. Click here to register for the competition and reserve your place at the banquet!

Don’t wait! Entry deadline is May 8th.

Attend the June 19th Awards Banquet

Not looking to enter your wine(s)? You can still experience the Lum Eisenman/San Diego County Wine Competition by attending the awards banquet! Click here to purchase your reservations.

Don’t wait! Reservation deadline is June 15th.

Questions? Contact Don Bartick, Event Chairman at or by cell at 858-774-2941.

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